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Prices & Opening Times: everything at a glance Payment options: You may pay for your salt mine tickets in cash, by credit card, ATM or EC-Card.

Regardless of where or when - enjoy the convenience of booking your tickets for Hallein Salt Mine online.

Other things you should know: For safety reasons, the mine may only be entered as part of a guided tour.

You can also receive your online ticket by SMS or email. But actually experiencing their daily life yourself, well, that s something different single hallein.

In the year of twelve eighty something he came to Mecca he became our president's friend the Sheriff Abdoullah Pasha Bin On...

he has a great experience in Arabic literature...) these two references refuse Nali’s death day in 1855 or 1858, in Nazhat al Fikr the year (In the year of twelve eighteen something 128-) we can consider it from 1280-1289 is about 1863-1873.

That s why Salina Celtic Village on the Dürrnberg exists.

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Even before finding these books the researchers doubted Nali’s year death, 1856.For this reason, and to make your visit to the salt mine more comfortable, we recommend wearing warm clothing and sturdy shoes regardless of the weather or time of year.Please be aware that younger children are not permitted to ride into the mountain.In Qaradakh he studied under Shaikh Muhammed Ibin al Khayat, in Sulaimany in Saiyd Hasan Mosque, he studied under Mullah Abdoullah Rash, also in Qaradax he studied mathematics under Shaikh Ali Mullah. Kamal Foad both point to the same date too, but Aladdin Sajadi says that he was born in 1797 and died in 1855.He spent long time in the Khanaqa of Mawlana Khalid in Sulaimany. There are doubts about his birth year; Muhammed Amin Zaki Bag said that (Nali lived during 1215-1273 with Islamic year) this date is about 1800–1856. In a modern lecture about Nali’s death; Many people who lived during Nali’s period talked about Nali, Alexander Hodiszkov (1804–1891) was a Russian empire diplomat in 1857, he published an oration in Asia Magazine, with name ; “A Philological Research about Kurdish language” he mentioned that; (A Kurdish great scientist lives in Damascus in Syria now, his name is Molla Hezir but he is most famous by his pseudonym as “Naeli Effendi” this man spent a lot of time for studying his country's dialects and language, he also translated an Arabic grammatical book to Kurdish, Ahmed Khan (Ahmed Pashay Baban – The King of Baban) who is Nali’s friend promised me to introduce me to his country’s greatest linguistic scientist).

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