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Even if our actions do not appear to influence the overall outcome of events, at the very least we succeed in changing ourselves.

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Under certain circumstances, saying something positive about someone is the wrong thing to do -- for example, when it's likely to arouse a listener's jealousy or skepticism.It seemed that this one gesture of self-restraint -- that of denying myself the luxury of imposing my negativity upon others -- was automatically getting me in touch with the much deadlier negativity I was unconsciously directing my own way.Not much time passed before God in His wisdom plucked me up out of the sunny West Coast, and, much to my surprise, set me down -- where else? The cultural milieu could not have been more different, except, to my mind, in one noticeable respect.As understood in this observant Jewish community, the focus of shmirat halashon was not me or my enlightenment. As legitimate, noble and desirable as any given individual's personal growth may be, and as effective a tool as guarding one's speech may be along the way to that goal, I gradually learned that spiritual growth transcends any particular individual's quest for liberation.Whatever I do, privately or publicly, is linked inextricably to the well-being of the community.

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