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Everyone seems to be raving about the R9's benefits but I'd be interested to hear about any niggles you may have coming from the traditional Android (LG, Samsung, etc).

I'm sure most of them would have work-around anyway.

I see that Woolworths has the R9 for per month, with 4gb data, and unlimited calls and texts.

The R9 will definitely be a decent step up with its 4GB ram and octo-core processor.

Better off taking the risk and getting a proper phone.

Local stock meant nothing in the case of the R9 Plus which still has issues with the Telstra network. I've had no issues taking back an R9 for a friend at JB-Hi Fi and getting a full refund within the first two week as it had a weird issue with crackling in the earpiece while on a call. The Oppo rep has said anyone with the issue can take their phone back for a full refund and some have said they had done just this (this info can be found in the R9/R9 Plus thread).

Huawei have the Nova Plus also with the Snapdragon 625 with all the bells and whistles going for 5 at Mobileciti at the moment which does make sense for a phone sporting that So C. https:// 0 more to get the Axon 7 sounds like a great deal also, as the So C is much more powerful and the phone will definitely feel snappier in the future as app and tasks get more intensive for a phone and it wont slow down as much other slower So C's.

The Axon 7 is also getting Android Nougat in the coming weeks/months and the R9s just launched with Marshmallow, so those wanting OS updates will be waiting a long time for a major one on the R9s. Throwing imports in to the equation opens up the discussion dramatically.

some of the updates that a phone gets are to patch over newly discovered security holes in the operating system.There are many better phones for the money once we look in to importing, that's for sure.Something like a Xioami Redmi Note 4 [Global ROM] for around AUD 0 imported will blow the socks off the Snapdragon 625 in the R9s and Nova Plus for less than half the price.Obviously there's great savings to be had by going grey but there's also a small risk involved in terms of DOA and warranty/returns. If the phone is good out of the box, who needs the updates...I had my old LG G3, which I think updated twice OTA, then I got bored, stuck on Fulmics rom and never had another update since.

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