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i couldnt find online that 4 year rule applying people under the age of 16. If you see each other at school or other activities, then that is that and it is importanat there be no sex. (b) (1) "Spousal rape" means the unlawful sexual penetration of one spouse by the other where: (A) The defendant is armed with a weapon or any article used or fashioned in a manner to lead the victim to reasonably believe it to be a weapon; (B) The defendant causes serious bodily injury to the victim; or (C) The spouses are living apart and one (1) of them has filed for separate maintenance or divorce.

But If this went to law enforcement, the mother would win. (2) (A) "Spousal rape," as defined in subdivision (b)(1)(A) or (B), is a Class C felony. (7) "Sexual penetration" means sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, or any other intrusion, however slight, of any part of a person's body or of any object into the genital or anal openings of the victim's, the defendant's, or any other person's body, but emission of semen is not required; and Subject: TN Homosexuality Law Date: Wed, -0400 From: In Tennessee, sexual contact between two people of the same sex isn't expressly forbidden, but if you look up the law, all forms of fellatio/cunnilingus/sodomy are actually illegal.

The only exception is if the girl is married to her sexual partner.

Age of Consent -- Tennessee's rule on the age of consent, the age at which a girl (or boy) can legally consent to sexual relations is unforgiving. (Though the law is supposed to be applied the same whether the minor is a boy or girl, these situations almost always involve underage girls, so that is what I will refer to.) Now, the unforgiving part of the law is that it makes no difference how old the girl looked, or said she was, or what the man thought her age was -- if she was under age, then sex with her was a felony.

AGE TO MARRY/AGE OF CONSENT by Attorney Jes Beard FROM: ( Age to Marry -- Under Tennessee law, a person must be at least 16 years old before they can get a marriage license, and a marriage license is required for anyone to get married. For anyone less than 18, both parents or the guardian or next of kin must join in the application for a marriage license. If either party is less than 18, even if both parents sign the application, there will be a three day waiting period before the marriage license is issued. If the parents or guardian or next of kin won't join in applying for a marriage license, the couple can still get a marriage license in Tennessee if the judge of the probate, juvenile, circuit or chancery court, or county executive approves it. The judge of the probate, juvenile, circuit or chancery court, or county executive can also waive the three day waiting period required for anyone under 18 to get a marriage license.

But I don't know what to do because we have had sexual contact but not sex I know we can both get in big trouble but I can't help it I just want to know why it matters what the age is?

I think we should just chill out until I turn 18 could he still get in trouble even if i'm 18 or is there nothing they could do about it. Well my friend is 22 and I am 16 we dated for about 5 years and we kinda still are but then again were not because we both know that my parents won't let us.

We have not had sex, we have kissed though, but we have become so attached to each other, because she is the first girlfriend I have ever had... you should also relize that there is more than one type of sex and that vaginal is opnly one of the many that you can be cuaght on.

because I have always been on medicine that made me unattractive. oral, hand stimulation, and all other physical forms of sex.

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