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If it is correct that Sigrid was the mother of Olav, it necessarily places her first marriage to King Erik before [985] at the latest, assuming that King Olof's daughter Ingigerd was born in [1000/03] as shown below. Snorre records the betrothal of "Svein, a son of Earl Hakon, and Earl Eirik's brother" and "Holmfrid, a daughter of King Olaf the Swedish king", although it is chronologically more probable that she was the sister rather than daughter of King Olav, son of ERIK "Segersll/the Victorious" King of Sweden & his wife Sigrid "Storrda/the Haughty" ([before 985]-[1022]).

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Adam of Bremen both include some information relating to Sweden.In this document, these earlier kings named Erik have not been assigned numbers.An outline genealogy of the first dynasty of Swedish kings, who ruled in the 10th and 11th centuries, can be reconstructed from available primary sources (see Chapter 1).Inheritance of the crown settled within the same family, although a shortage of male heirs among the Norwegian, Danish as well as Swedish royal families resulted in temporary personal unification of some or all of the Scandinavians thrones.The Swedish and Norwegian crowns were united from 1319 to 1344 and from 1362 to 1363, the Danish and Norwegian thrones from 1381 to 1387, and all three were combined from 1389 to 1448.

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