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Two mouths sucking on her tits at the same time was very intoxicating, but not as wonderful as the one kneeling between her legs.Candy kissed her pussy and then split it open with her tongue. To make things interesting, Millicent motioned for someone to fuck Candy while Candy ate her.Over and over she came as Millicent rubbed her clit hard and fast."I want her ass trained to take cock," Millicent said breathlessly.

She sucked hard on the tender cherry tip while rolling the other between her fingers.

"I want her to be able to fuck a Shetland pony if I need her to." In need of her own relief, the vampire moved to her fucking thrown and sat down.

Immediately two of her girls moved to the velvet benches on either side of the chair arms and took one of her full breasts into their mouths and sucked greedily.

Halloween was just down the road, and she needed someone for the butt fucking contest.

Perhaps she needed to train Cynthia's ass to take cock as well as fingers and tongues.

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